Football professionals must not continue playing in the event of a concussion and the team must not be disadvantaged. Therefore, there should be an additional replacement as an option – the trial period begins in January.

To protect football players against head injuries, a testing phase will start from January 2021 with a possible additional replacement. Approval was given Wednesday by the body responsible for the rules in world football Ifab.

The Ifab suggests that players affected by an actual or suspected concussion should not continue to play, but that their team will not experience a numerical disadvantage as a result, if all switching options have already been exhausted. Last weekend, Schalke’s Mark Uth suffered a concussion in the Bundesliga match against FC Augsburg.

Interested associations can contact us

This could prevent players from potentially getting another head injury, the Ifab said. It also reduces the pressure on medical personnel to make a quick decision. In which competitions the test phase had to be carried out, initially remained open. Interested associations or leagues can contact FIFA and Ifab.

According to the rulers, the now-decided testing phase is the result of months of consultation with medical experts, team doctors, player representatives, coaches, match organizers, referees and rules experts. The Ifab had already decided in February on a test phase for head injury replacement.

Permit extended for five changes

In addition, the Ifab extended the temporary permission of five changes per team for national competitions until December 31, 2021 and for international competitions until July 31, 2022. This rule change was introduced due to the corona pandemic to reduce the burden on players in a tightly timed manner. Reduce the appointment calendar. The respective associations or organizers decide whether to use it.

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