The European Union (EU) has threatened to impose sanctions on Turkey over its dispute with Greece over energy resources and maritime borders. Following the European Union meeting on Thursday, the European Commission Chairman called on Turkey to refuse unilateral action in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. The British media BBC reported this.

A dispute with Greece erupted when Turkey sent a ship to an oil and gas-rich region in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Greece has agreed to establish a military hotline with Turkey after tensions escalated.

The European Union wants a positive and constructive relationship with Turkey, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told reporters in Brussels on Friday. It is also favorable for the interests of Ankara.

However, he said that prodding and pressure to work will stop. So we hope that Turkey will refrain from taking any unilateral action. If Turkey takes such a step, the EU will consider all possible options. We have the tools to take immediate action.

At Thursday’s meeting, EU members agreed to review Turkey’s behavior in December. If the abetment is not banned, restrictions will be imposed.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz wrote on Twitter that the EU had explicitly threatened to ban Turkey. Turkey should not violate international law.

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