Four transfers just before the end of the transfer? That’s not Bayern-ish. The worst part is the signing of Douglas Costa. For Bavaria, Hoeneß and football.

FC Bayern signed four players in the last two days of the transfer window – which is not only completely unusual, but actually not at all Bayern-esque. Shortly before the deadline, there have never been so many alarms.

Bavaria is under great pressure

Marc Roca (23) from the Spanish first division relegated Espanyol, Eric Maxim Choupo-Moting (31) from Paris, Douglas Costa (30) from Juventus and Bouna Sarr (28) from Marseille – these are the newcomers.

Typical Bayern entrances? No. These names show that Bavaria has come under great pressure. These players must of course first have the opportunity to show themselves. But the question must be whether FC Bayern can achieve its high goals with them.

Douglas Costa? Is he no longer a mercenary?

Choupo-Moting is definitely a good type of player. He played in the Champions League with Paris and will agree to his role as a backup for Robert Lewandowski – similar to Sandro Wagner at the time. Roca and Sarr, on the other hand, will first have to prove that they have what it takes for Bavaria. And frankly, I have no words for Douglas Costa. Uli Hoeneß said three years ago, “Costa didn’t work because he was quite a mercenary, and we didn’t like his character.” Now Bavaria is bringing him back. Is he suddenly no longer a mercenary with a difficult character? Or does Bavaria not care? I cannot understand this change at all.

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After two years at Paris St. Germain, Eric-Maxim Choupo-Moting is back in the Bundesliga. (Source: PanoramiC / image images)

This transfer has consequences. On the one hand, it raises doubts about the content of Uli Hoeneß’s statements. And football as a whole loses much of its credibility as a result. Which fan should understand that? It does not matter that Hoeneß was president three years ago and is no longer in office today.

That is a fatal development

The words Hoeness chose are the worst that can hit a footballer when he leaves a club. Just as bad as Bernat, of whom Hoeneß testified that he played “a shit”. Hoeneß spoke on behalf of the club. And in both cases you have to say: you will not. It’s a matter of decency and respect. But both values ​​seem to have been lost in world football. The only thing worse is to put these words aside at some point, apparently not remembering them, and re-contract this player.

Hoeneß is losing its credibility and its weight – and with it football as a whole. This is really a fatal development.

They knew the team was thin

Four last-minute transfers – which of course also led to the question of whether Bayern missed something and made mistakes in the course of the transfer summer. On the other hand, the fact that last season they were always focused on what still needed to be done: Championship, Cup Final, Champions League. The season was extremely long, demanding and exciting.

This is supported by the fact that they knew early on where all this would lead. The many question marks were known – behind the future of Thiago, Javi Martínez, David Alaba or Jérôme Boateng. You had to expect one or the other player to want to leave. And they knew the squad is kind of thin anyway.

Rotation is what counts

From today’s perspective, there may have been just too many question marks. You have now realized that more players are needed. The first games of the new season may have contributed to this. Getting seven goals after three days in the Bundesliga is just as unusual as the current transfer policy. It is now clear: this season is all about rotation – and that requires players with a high level of quality, also across the board. As good as the Bayern youths seem to be right now, they may not be enough for the big goals.

There was another problem with Bayern’s transfer efforts: With Jude Bellingham or Serginho Dest, two dream players decided against a move to Munich, and Callum Hudson-Odoi’s also failed to materialize. I imagine it has also played a role in your considerations that other clubs are more hungry for the big titles than the reigning three-time winner. How do you want to do even better at Bayern? Maybe one or the other player is tired too? As a player, I may rather accept an offer from a club that is currently building something – where I can achieve something special.

BVB will not be able to prevent success at all

Is Bavaria better than last season without Thiago, Philippe Coutinho, Sven Ulreich and Ivan Perišić, but with Leroy Sané and the other newcomers? The coming months will tell. Despite the last-minute transfers, there is a chance that they will succumb to the high tax at the end of the season. The chance of winning the national title, or the championship, is greater for other clubs than in eight years. And that brings us to Borussia Dortmund.

BVB has again done an excellent job this summer. In addition to the transfers of Thomas Meunier and Bellingham, Dortmund has secretly expanded with Jadon Sancho and also retained Erling Haaland and all the other top players. If it is possible to keep such players longer, they will not be able to avoid successes and titles at all. They have a great mix and a clear philosophy.

What would shake Bayern

It says to sell players at some point to make a profit – and only brought them criticism from Uli Hoeneß in August. BVB shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t get closer to FC Bayern. On the other hand, I have to say: if Bayern has to let Alaba, Boateng and Martínez go for free next summer, they will bite their asses. Especially since these players are only under contract for nine months. Nine months before they can collect terrible bonuses for signing contracts with other clubs. They will then carefully consider whether to stay. And then they no longer charge a transfer fee for Bavaria. The next transfer summer will be even more exciting than this one. Three transfer-free departures of absolute top quality? That would shake up FC Bayern.

Dortmund has shopped particularly well – arch-rival Schalke 04 in particular was particularly bad.

Rudy pays to leave Schalke

With Sebastian Rudy, Mark Uth, Nabil Bentaleb and Ralf Fährmann, four players returned who had been selected a year earlier. Ferryman as the former and new number one – as a welcome he has scored eight goals against Bayern and a total of 15 in three games. Welcome.

How should that work at Schalke and which player does this club still do?

Sebastian Rudy has only wanted one thing in recent weeks: away from Schalke. (Source: Image Images / RHR Photo)Sebastian Rudy has only wanted one thing in recent weeks: away from Schalke. (Source: RHR Photo / Image Images)

Rudy is now gone again. On loan to Hoffenheim. He even waived three million euros. He actually pays a lot of money to get away from Schalke. No wonder. With Manuel Baum they get a new trainer – and he gets a lot on his ears at the start of Leipzig. With Schalke it should be clear: it cannot be the coach.

Two things are clear. 1. Schalke is definitely a relegation candidate. 2. The association cannot continue like this.

Schalke faces a lot like Kaiserslautern

You have to completely reinvent and position yourself – but this time at the top of the club. Sports director Jochen Schneider is the only one who at least tries to face criticism and the public. Of course it is not made for that. Everyone else is just diving. Where is Michael Reschke, the team planner?

Schalke has lost everything the club once stood for – from success to identity. Now there is even a risk that it will also develop like Kaiserslautern or HSV. Relegation to the second division wouldn’t be the biggest problem.

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