The United Kingdom has warned that it will not negotiate with the European Union

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pushed the European Union after the Brexit trade agreement. On Sunday, he clarified that the United Kingdom would suspend negotiations until a trade agreement with the European Union was reached by 15 October.

After Brexit, Britain has long been negotiating a free trade agreement with the European Union. But there was no consensus. As a result, Johnson’s patience is broken.

Boris Johnson says an agreement with the European Council should be reached by 15 October. There is no point in talking after that. The agreement will be effective from the end of this year.

Johnson argues that there is no point in discussing after that deadline. If we can’t do anything after discussing it for so long, then it makes no sense to pull it out. Then I would think, it is not possible to have a free trade agreement between us.

A very important discussion on what will happen after Brexit starts in London from Tuesday. Earlier, Johnson created additional pressure with this threat.

Earlier, Brussels said the deal would be completed by mid-October. Because it has to be passed in the European Parliament.

The United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January this year. He was in the European Union for many years. The United Kingdom voted in favor of Brexit with a very small majority in the referendum. Free trade agreements have been negotiated since then. Both sides have accused each other of intrusion. The issue that has been banned is the right of fishing on the UK border and government subsidies to industries. The United Kingdom has claimed full rights in both cases.

The chief negotiator for the UK is David Frost. He said in an interview that his fear is that Brexit is not going to happen.

Johnson said that London would welcome an EU-style agreement with the European Union.

Australia does business with the European Union in compliance with WTO rules and tariffs. Johnson said the government is keeping all ports and borders ready for such an agreement. We have complete control over laws, regulations and fishing. We are willing to discuss this with friends from the European Union. Our doors will not be closed. We will do business with friends and partners. But there is no agreement with our fundamentals.

Boris Johnson said the deal was still possible if the European Union changed its current position. That is, it will not change its position in Britain. Instead, Johnson feels that the European Union needs to change its attitude.

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