The United States has called for Europe to blacklist Hezbollah

The US has called on the European Union to blacklist Lebanese Iran-backed Shiite group Hezbollah as a terrorist group. Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo called on Sunday.Mike pompeo

Addressing the European Union, Pompeo said that the entire existence of Hezbollah should be considered terrorist. No distinction can be made between its political and military parts.

Pompeo also claimed that Hezbollah was planning a terrorist attack. The team is now busy collecting military technology and budgets from Europe.

Earlier on Tuesday, the US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two former Lebanese ministers for alleged ties to Hezbollah.

In Middle East politics, outside of Hamas, Hezbollah is seen as a strong anti-Israel platform. Recently, top leaders of both parties sat down for talks to strengthen their anti-Israel stance.

The meeting of top Hamas-Hezbollah leaders did not go down well with Washington when the Saudi influence zone in the Middle East was announcing one-on-one relations with Israel. The Trump administration has resorted to pressure on the European Union to blacklist anti-Israel forces. Sources: Purse Today, Reuters

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