Government and non-governmental organizations and major infrastructure in the United States are at “high risk” of cyber attacks after evidence of hacking has been found in various organizations. The US Cyber ​​Security and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said in a statement on Thursday. The British media BBC reported this.

According to the CISA, major departments such as the US Department of Treasury and Commerce have also come under the grip of cyber attack. Resisting these attacks will be a very complex and challenging task.

“Continued cyber attacks have been attempted since March 2020,” the agency said in a statement. However, the US administration has identified hackers’ patience, security tactics and trade-offs.

The CISA did not reveal who were behind the cyber attacks or which agencies were the victims. He did not state whether any information was stolen or leaked.

It is suspected that Russia may be involved in these cyber attacks. However, Russia has denied the allegations in a statement released on Friday “similar, unfounded allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.”

According to a report by the US media Politico, the Department of Energy and the National Atomic Energy Agency also have evidence that hackers infiltrated their networks.

According to US media reports, President Donald Trump has remained silent despite talking about cyber security over fears of an attack on newly elected US President Joe Biden. Biden said that a combination of partners and allies should prevent the opposition from engaging in risky cyber attacks.

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