The United States is not taking the initiative to ensure vaccines for all

The United States, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), is not involved in an international initiative to develop, produce and distribute the Kovid-19 vaccine. The Trump administration has decided not to take the initiative citing WHO as corrupt. According to a report by The Guardian, the decision by the Trump administration could cause a major setback to the World Health Organization (WHO) initiative to ensure vaccination for all.

The international initiative designed by the WHO is called the Kovid-19 Vaccine Global Access Facility (Kovacs). Last month, the WHO said 180 countries were negotiating to participate in Kovacs’ initiative. This alliance is accompanied by the charity Global Alliance for Innovation and Alliance Vaccine and Vaccination (GAVI) to prepare for the epidemic.

The Washington Post reports that the United States does not side with this special initiative called ‘Kovacs’. White House spokesman JD Drew made a statement about the report. He said that under the leadership of President Trump, vaccine and therapy research, development and testing are progressing rapidly. It will provide effective and innovative therapy. It will not be stuck in any official red tape. The United States will stand by international partners to defeat the virus, but not by corrupt health agencies and multilateral organizations affected by China.

Last May, the Trump administration announced the removal of the United States from the World Health Organization. At that time, the country stopped funding the company. The highest donor to the company was the United States. Trump alleged that the company is run under Chinese influence.

Earlier in July, the European Union expressed reluctance to purchase a potential Kovid-19 vaccine in a joint venture with the WHO. He described the process as slow and expensive. Instead, the EU negotiates directly with the vaccine manufacturer so that the vaccine is less than 40 per dose.

The CoVAX initiative calls for rich countries to pay Rs 40 in advance for each dose of the vaccine. Many European countries have supported the vaccine initiative for all. He has also promoted global fundraising initiatives. About लगभग 1.9 billion has been raised so far. A third of this came from European countries and institutions. This will ensure the production and distribution of the Kovid-19 vaccine.

According to a New York Times report, many countries are placing advance orders to obtain the Corona vaccine in advance. The Trump administration announced several major investments to vaccinate last Wednesday. The country has signed a ₹ 200 million deal with the vaccine maker Pfizer and Bioentech to reach 100 million doses of the vaccine by December.

The Washington Post reports that the US government has blocked Kovacs’ access. His view is that enough corona vaccines are being produced in the United States and are under advanced testing. As a result, the United States alone wants to advance the fight against vaccination. However, despite the United States’ withdrawal from global medicine and the vaccine’s initiative against Corona, the European Union has played a positive role.

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