US President Donald Trump’s administration wants to proceed with arms sales to Morocco of US $ 1 billion after signing an agreement to normalize relations with Israel. The Trump administration has already informed Congress of the proposed sale of arms, Reuters reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources.

In the last four months, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan have established normal relations by signing agreements with Israel. The United States has an important role in signing these agreements. The Trump administration is bringing Arab countries closer to Israel, especially in the Middle East in the face of Iran’s influence. Morocco on Thursday signed an agreement to establish normal relations with Israel as the fourth Arab country, with the US-Brocade Agreement signed on the route shown by the three Arab states.

The day after the agreement was signed, it was announced that the United States was planning to sell arms to Morocco. The proposal includes four US-made drones as well as ammunition capable of hitting pre-determined targets.

US President Donald Trump on Thursday praised the signing of a general agreement between Morocco and Israel. The country agreed to the settlement after recognizing Morocco’s sovereignty over disputed lands in Western Sahara. But Palestinian leaders have condemned the deal.

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