The corona virus is also raging in the US because there are not enough tests yet. Now the Trump administration is pledging to remedy the situation with a controversial quick test.

US President Donald Trump has announced the spread of 150 million rapid coronavirus tests by his administration. 50 million of the test kits will be given to retirement homes, assisted living facilities and other institutions at particular risk from the virus, Trump announced.

The remaining 100 million tariffs should go to US states and other regional authorities to help them lift restrictions on public and economic life, the president announced. Each test kit costs the US federal government five dollars (4.30 euros).

Experts criticized Trump’s rapid tests

The rapid tests come from the American pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories. They provide results within 15 minutes. Trump has repeatedly praised the rapid test. It is also used in the White House itself. Trump is aiming for a return to normal day-to-day life in the country as far away as possible before the presidential election on November 3.

Abbott Laboratories has rejected criticism from the professional world that the rapid test has a high error rate. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the test for general use in August as part of an urgent emergency procedure. With about 7.1 million cases of infection and about 205,000 fatalities, the US is in absolute terms the country in the world most affected by the corona pandemic.

The WHO program costs approximately $ 600 million

Rapid tests are also seen by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an important tool to control the pandemic. WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus announced a program to distribute 120 million rapid tests to the world’s poorest countries. Funding for the program is not yet secured. Tedros said that the “start of the funding” had been made, the remaining funds had to be raised by WHO. The rapid test program costs approximately $ 600 million (EUR 514 million).

Trump is a harsh critic of the WHO and its approach to the corona pandemic. He has therefore taken the initiative to leave his country from the UN sub-organization. The US president accuses the WHO of being controlled by China.

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