The current US budget law expires on Friday at midnight. Democrats and Republicans are still far apart in the negotiations on the new budget.

The US House of Representatives was the first of two chambers of Congress to vote for a transitional budget to prevent the federal government from becoming insolvent on Friday.

The extension of the previous numbers by one week to December 18 was approved on Wednesday by a large majority of 343 votes to 67. The second chamber, the Senate, could discuss the bill on Thursday. That would give President Donald Trump an opportunity to sign it on time.

Is there a threat of a shutdown like 2018/19?

The interim budget is intended to allow more time for the ongoing negotiations on a larger $ 1.4 trillion package. This should be combined with further help with the coronavirus pandemic.

Budget disputes had resulted in a five-week financial freeze for some federal authorities at the turn of the year 2018/19. It was the longest shutdown of its kind in US history. Numerous state services and salary payments for about 800,000 federal employees were temporarily suspended at the time.

The American stock markets are closely following the debate that has been going on for weeks. However, the Democrats with their majority in the House of Representatives and the Republican Senate have not yet managed to reach an agreement. Congress approved corona measures worth three trillion dollars in the spring. Since then, the MPs have not been able to reach agreement on new aid.

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