Shortly before the US elections, the president extends a drilling ban on the East Coast. The measure contrasts with its other energy policy. His challenger Joe Biden suspects an electoral move.

US President Donald Trump has extended a moratorium on oil drilling off the coast of Florida by ten years until 2032. Trump signed a regulation on Tuesday in Jupiter, Florida. According to him, the ban on oil drilling has been extended to the coastal waters of the other southeastern states of Georgia and South Carolina.

The measure is in stark contrast to Trump’s other energy policies. The president is a strong supporter of the oil and gas industry and promotes the expansion of production areas. His government had only authorized highly controversial oil drilling in a wildlife sanctuary in Alaska in mid-August.

Presidential rival Biden suspects electoral maneuvers

Trump’s presidential rival Joe Biden of the opposition Democrats also suspected that Trump’s current decision to extend the oil drilling ban off the southeast coast was related to the November 3 election. A few months ago, the president had planned to end the moratorium, but now “for the sake of convenience” has changed his mind, Biden wrote on Twitter’s short-messaging service. He called the president’s actions “unbelievable”.

Florida is one of the most important states for the results of the presidential election, in which Trump is fighting for a second term. According to the polls, a mutual race between Trump and Biden is looming in Florida. Florida Governor Rick Scott welcomed the extension of the oil drilling moratorium. Scott, who is a Republican like Trump, tweeted that he had had many conversations with the president about the importance of leaving the Florida coast “untouched”.

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