Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The German Football Association has distanced itself from the criticisms of the association’s board member Peter Peters and recalled similarities.

“As 1st Vice President of the DFB, Peter Peters shares the responsibility. We also strictly adhere to the unanimous decision of 23 October not to talk about each other in the media, but to speak personally and with each other,” said one of the six vice presidents led by Rainer Koch and treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge signed the DFB statement. Association boss Fritz Keller is not mentioned as the sender.

The officials pointed out that the German Football Association (DFL) and its representatives are also part of the DFB Presidium. Peters had exposed huge problems in German football in a “kicker” post and sharply criticized the DFB leadership. The 58-year-old former CFO of FC Schalke 04 warned that it was necessary to speak “about current and alleged undesirable developments”.

“When I look at the dissonance at the DFB, I see the lack of cooperation at the top without any confidence,” said the DFB’s first vice president of professional football. There are “an incredible number of missteps”. Peters is also deputy chairman of the presidium and chairman of the board of trustees at the DFL.

Peters will stand for election to the FIFA Council at the UEFA Congress in April, at the suggestion of the DFB presidium. The DFL has recently repeatedly criticized the DFB’s crisis management.

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