The much-awaited presidential election in the United States today. Governments around the world are now watching this election anxiously. But every time we see who is going to be the President, this time it is not happening. Because, even if Harley accepts defeat; Inconsistent Republican President Donald Trump has raised some doubts about it during the election campaign. Now all eyes are on the next uncertainty of the vote. Analysts are also skeptical of Trump’s peaceful transfer of power.

Therefore, the whole world is watching the American election with interest. Because, who will be the President of the United States; What the new president’s foreign policy will look like is important for many countries around the world.

Chatham House, Britain’s leading foreign policy research team, says the next president of the United States will determine how America’s diplomatic, economic and military resources work and, in particular, the United States of America’s current allies and multilateral institutions How does it relate with Whoever sits in the White House will determine the nature of US-China relations and its direction in the global economy. It will have a significant impact on American allies. “

According to the US Election Project at the University of Florida, a record 96 million advance votes were cast in this year’s election. This number of initial votes indicates the interest of American citizens in this election. It is expected to be the highest turnout in the country in over 100 years.

Outside of being the most powerful country in the world, ordinary people are also interested in American elections. Millions of people around the world will observe this election. Sources: Voice of America, BBC

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