Researchers have been looking for Rebecca from Berlin for almost two years. They also combed a piece of forest in Brandenburg for this. The then decisive witness now explained which observation led to this search.

In the case of Rebecca from Berlin, who disappeared nearly two years ago, a witness who helped launch a major police investigation in a forest in Brandenburg spoke publicly about her observations for the first time. The woman reported to two journalists on a podcast how she and two friends saw a striking man in the woods near the village of Kummersdorf on the day the 15-year-old girl disappeared. Police later combed this forest because a witness recalled seeing a car there on Feb. 18 resembling Rebecca’s brother-in-law’s raspberry-red Renault Twingo. Police are quick to suspect the then 27-year-old brother-in-law and still believe he was the culprit, but they cannot prove it. He always protested his innocence.

Observation while driving

In the podcast “In the Dark – The Rebecca Reusch Case” (on Podimo), journalists Miriam Arndts and Lena Niethammer reproduce the woman’s statements. In view of the March police investigation, she and her friends remembered the man they saw while driving in February. Using smartphone photos of the ride, they would have determined the time: February 18, 2019, just before noon.

After Rebecca’s disappearance, the police arrested the brother-in-law twice. The man’s car was captured on the day of the disappearance and the next day on the highway between Berlin and Poland. In the weeks that followed, hundreds of police officers searched large areas 50 kilometers southeast of Berlin. Corpse dogs sniffed in the undergrowth and on the shores of the lake, mantrailer dogs were led along the highway, divers got off boats into the water. Rebecca has disappeared to this day.

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