During a campaign appearance in North Carolina, Donald Trump spoke about what he would do if he lost. His opponent Joe Biden turned this template into a video hit on social networks.

The US election campaign is in the pivotal phase before the presidential election on November 3. US President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden are visiting key swing states where the race is close.

Trump spoke at a weekend performance in North Carolina about what he would do after a possible defeat. The Republican told his supporters in Fayetteville over the weekend, “If I lose to Biden, I don’t know what I’ll do, but you’ll never see me again.” His followers laughed. “We can’t have that guy for president,” Trump shouted and threatened, “Maybe I’ll give an order.”

The US president had already caused irritation by saying he did not yet know whether he would recognize the election results in November.

Biden uses a template for video

His opponents apparently saw it as a sweet promise. Shortly afterwards, his opponent Joe Biden published a video in which he took over the passage from Trump’s speech. “I am Joe Biden and I welcome this news,” the Democrat responded to Trump’s words.

The campaign spot lasted only ten seconds and was still a hit on social networks. The video was viewed 16.7 million times (on September 22, noon) and received almost 828,000 likes.

In polls, Democrat Biden is currently in the lead, but the race remains close, especially in some swing states. You will find an overview of the current forecasts HERE.

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