According to the Kremlin, there is no magazine in Russia that publishes Shirley Hebdo’s satire on religion, politics and culture. Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told reporters on Thursday that the killing was a shock to the feelings of the believers and vice versa; Both are unacceptable.

The recent murder of a teacher in France to show a cartoon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in a class on freedom of expression has caused outrage throughout France. “France will not stop showing cartoons,” said President Emanuel Macron, speaking out against “radical Islam”. Amidst this tension, a man was attacked with a knife on Notre Dame Basilia in Nice city on Thursday morning. Three people, including a woman, were killed.

In that context, Putin’s spokesman insisted that “insulting the feelings of believers is unacceptable, and killing people is unacceptable.” Both are completely unacceptable. ‘

Dmitry Peskov says that it is “absolutely impossible” to publish a magazine like Shirley Hebdo in Russia. “This is because there are Muslims in Russia, about 20 million. Christianity is the main thing here. However, despite the fact that most citizens are followers of Christianity, our country is unique because of its pluralism and inter-religious harmony. he said.

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