Coronovirus infected by US President Donald Trump says he is recovering. But at the same time, he said that the next few days would be a “real test” for him. She also said that First Lady Melania Trump is doing well. Trump commented in a video message from the hospital Saturday night. This information was given in the BBC’s online report on Sunday.

On Saturday, Trump’s personal physician, Sean Conley, said Trump had not yet been given oxygen and Donald Trump was healthier. But soon after the doctor’s remarks, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows told reporters at the Walter Reed Hospital campus that the president’s condition had been “extremely worrying” for the past 24 hours. The next 48 hours will be more important for his treatment. He is still not fully recovered.

In a video message after the Meadows briefing, Trump said, “I think I’ll be back soon.” Trump also promised to end his campaign. He said, “I am waiting for the election campaign to end.”

In the video message, Trump said that he is committed to fighting coronoviruses worldwide. He is very grateful to all those in the United States who have wished him well and expressed sympathy for him.

Trump said the First Lady in Corona is doing very well.

The US president was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Hospital in Tone Maryland on Friday with mild symptoms. On Saturday reassuring everyone, Trump said on Twitter that he felt better than ever before getting sick despite coming to the hospital. But the White House chief of staff said he was not safe.

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