Former Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed deep concern in the dispute over Britain’s departure from the EU. She complains about Prime Minister Johnson’s actions.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May has accused her successor Boris Johnson of “ruthlessness and irresponsibility” in Brexit politics. May said in the House of Commons in London on Monday that she could not support a government-submitted draft for a controversial internal market law.

Internal Market Act: May declines aid

The Single Market Act will “do indescribable damage to the UK’s reputation,” May criticized. The House of Commons will vote on the internal market law on Tuesday, which has been heavily criticized by the EU. Then the House of Lords will deal with it.

Great Britain left the EU on January 31. Currently, there is a transition phase running until the end of the year in which future relationships are arranged. In early September, the British government surprisingly announced that it would unilaterally amend the Brexit deal with the EU.

Johnson wants to use the new Single Market Act to undo some important provisions in the Brexit treaty on Northern Ireland. It concerns the suspension of customs procedures in the trade of goods for Northern Ireland and of state aid requirements for British companies.

Changes are contrary to the agreement

The EU sees the change plans as a clear violation of the Brexit agreement. Even the UK government recognized an international violation of law, describing it as only “very specific and limited”. The plan is controversial in Johnson’s own conservative party – to which his predecessor May belongs.

Johnson’s plans weigh on the ongoing negotiations for a future relationship and a trade deal between the EU and the UK. They should be concluded by mid-November at the latest so that there is an agreement by the end of the year when Britain also leaves the internal market and customs union. Otherwise, the customs barriers in mutual trade will disappear again.

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