Sex offenses are committed almost every two minutes in Europe. In the fight against abuse and rape, Europol is now looking for the worst criminals – with the help of photos.

Europol has begun a search for 19 of the most dangerous sex offenders in Europe. The fugitive criminals are being arrested through the “Europe’s Most Wanted” campaign, Europol announced in The Hague on Tuesday. The wanted persons have either already been convicted or urgently suspected.

Sexual crimes are among the worst crimes, Europol explains. “A sex offense is committed almost every two minutes in the EU.” Sexual violence can affect anyone, but mainly women and children are the victims.

Online campaign with anonymous tips

With the online campaign, the European police is asking citizens for help. On the website In addition to social media, the profiles of the most dangerous sex offenders from 19 countries, including Germany, can be seen for four weeks. Information about the searched may be submitted anonymously online. The responsible national researchers will then be informed directly.

Europol’s first “Most Wanted” campaign ran in 2016. There is a targeted online search for a limited number of refugees across Europe. Since then, 91 perpetrators have been arrested, according to Europol information. In 33 cases the decisive tip came from the population.

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