Did Trump just make up his corona infection? The US President’s opponents plunge into the conspiracy discussion – and overlook the real scandal.

Donald Trump has Corona – and promptly there is a great desire for conspiracy in public.

Everything just staged! He’s just squeezing for the next TV duel with Joe Biden! With his recovery story, he just wants to pretend Covid is harmless! That’s how it echoes from Trump’s opponents, both in the US and in Germany. Somehow, the infection should be his diabolical plan to win the election after all.

The impulse is understandable: Donald Trump is lying and leaving until the bars bow. Ultimately, however, the conspiracy theories of Trump opponents are just as distant as those of the completely misguided Trump disciples who claim pesky Democrats deliberately infected Trump in the TV duel. Or like the story of the QAnon supporters, for whom Trump’s infection is just fake, which he uses to blow up “Deep State” and a worldwide network of pedophiles.

The quarantine is causing significant damage to Trump

What should Trump really gain from feigning a corona infection and from quarantine? Very little in reality. He is clearly behind in the election campaign: in terms of donations and in the surveys. The early mood is already running in many states. Trump must now cancel fundraisers and campaign appearances. The quarantine is doing him considerable damage.

There is actually a scandal surrounding Donald Trump’s coronavirus and two big lies, but they differ from what the conspirators believe.

It is already clear that it is far from just about the president, there is an outbreak in Washington. Wife Melania Trump is also positive, as is close adviser Hope Hicks, Senator Mike Lee and University of Notre Dame president John Jenkins. Everyone was in the rose garden on Saturday when Trump introduced his Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett – with lots of hugs, handshakes and little distance and masks. Maybe it was a super spreader event. At least three White House correspondents have also tested positive.

The cover in the White House

The White House hid the positive case of the sick Hicks and allowed the Trump entourage to travel to New Jersey on Thursday for a fundraising event. Only the investigation of Bloomberg Bureau journalists brought the story and with it Trump’s infection to the public. The lie and the scandal conceal a great health risk to those around the president.

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In Tuesday’s TV game, there was actually a corona risk, but not from nefarious Democrats or the Deep State. Trump’s entourage of family and advisers simply took off their masks in the hall, breaking safety rules.

Trump’s infection was sudden, but not surprising. His refusal to wear masks was a style-determining factor for those around him. He’s pushed aside a lot of precautions in the White House, and especially for the supporters at his election rallies, making the virus a lot easier. Either way, he has done harm to his country: It was only Thursday that Cornell University called him the world’s greatest spreaders of lies about Corona.

The result of this is more than 207,000 corona deaths in the US and now also: an outbreak in the White House.

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