When visiting a cafe, two young men ended up in a hail of bullets. One of them was injured. Nevertheless, they saved a police officer who was shot. The media now celebrates martial artists as heroes.

Wanting to drink the last coffee before curfew, they became rescuers in the midst of an Islamic attack: the two young martial artists Mikail Özen and Recep Tayyip Gültekin rescue a seriously injured police officer in Vienna who was shot by an assassin. Özen reported this in a video that was distributed on social media. The men are now celebrated as heroes in the Austrian and Turkish media.

“Suddenly we were in the middle of a fight,” said 25-year-old Özen, whose name in the ring is “Iron Mike”. “Suddenly shots were fired, people were covered with blood on the ground.” At first they would have helped an old lady to get to safety. His friend was slightly injured in the leg from shrapnel. Photos on the two’s Instagram accounts support the descriptions.

“After I took the woman to a nearby restaurant, the terrorist pointed his gun at me,” Gültekin told Turkish news agency Anadolu. He threw himself to the ground, but was injured in the leg. They then became aware of the injured police officer.

The officer was badly hit, rescue workers could not reach him because of the danger. A cell phone video, also distributed by TRT, reportedly shows the two MMA fighters at the edge of a pavilion on Schwedenplatz trying to approach the officer while taking cover. Recordings can also be heard in the video.

They then carried the injured person to the ambulance, Özen reported. “I wish the policeman a good recovery, I hope he is well,” he said, still visibly shocked. Gültekin did not go to the hospital that night. “I didn’t want to be a burden, because I thought there would be a lot of injuries,” said Gültekin. The wound is not very big, today it is being treated.

According to authorities, four bystanders and the attacker himself were killed in the terrorist attack. 15 people were injured, some seriously, including the police officer. The police are currently looking for other possible perpetrators. The man who was shot felt particularly close to the terrorist militia “Islamic State”.

“I want to say one more thing,” Özen concluded his Instagram post. “We Muslims of Turkish descent detest any form of terror. We support Austria, we stand for Vienna. We respect Austria.” They are always ready to help.

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