From one day to the next, strangers attacked a truckload at a rest stop in Hesse – the value: 160,000 euros. The driver realized late what had happened.

During a night’s sleep, strangers stole about 200 chainsaws and clearing saws from the trailer of a truck driver in North Hesse. The thieves cut open the trailer’s tarpaulin and took out the tools, which cost about 160,000 euros, police in Kassel announced on Friday.

How they did this, according to the information, was initially unclear. It is possible that the strangers even transported their loot with their own truck. The 56-year-old driver only noticed the theft after the trip had started.

He had parked his team at Kassel on Thursday evening in a parking lot on Autobahn 7. The police did not say whether the 56-year-old spent the night in his driver’s cabin.

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