“Think outside the box” records hundreds of demos after the ban

The organizers of the banned corona demo in Berlin are trying to get around the ban: hundreds of evasive demos have been registered, police confirm Chillreport.

Supporters of the “lateral thinking” demonstration in Berlin, which the authorities banned, have now recorded hundreds of evasive demonstrations following the ban. The Berlin police confirmed this at the request of Chillreport. At the moment there are about 1,000 registrations for Saturday. Now it needs to be evaluated which of them are related to the banned demonstration. Until yesterday afternoon, the police had not seen an increase in the number of registrations.

Register via the online form

The stream of demo registrations at night was preceded by a call from the “lateral thinking” organizers in a Telegram group late in the evening to provide personal details for registering rallies. “Regardless of whether you are there or if you cannot come to Berlin yourself, it is important to us that you register a meeting,” wrote the group’s lawyer, Ralf Ludwig, and posted an online registration form there. available via link.

The online form for registering the “lateral thinking” demos: The organizers coordinated the flow of registrations with the Berlin police. (Source: Screenshot: Chillreport)

The aim of the campaign is apparently to undermine the current ban on demonstrations for the “lateral thinking” demo. “Register 1000 meetings in Berlin” is the goal, Ludwig wrote. The police must check every registration and keep records, the lawyer said.

No application to the administrative court so far

At the same time, “lateral thinking” tried to obtain an order from the Berlin Administrative Court that would allow the prohibited demonstration. “Tonight”, Ludwig continued. In the morning, however, there was no such request at the Berlin Administrative Court, as the court spokesman said at the request of Chillreport.

The Berlin state police had banned the demonstration planned for Saturday by the group “lateral thinking711” on Wednesday. The removal, Chillreport is available, cites as justification that it is to be expected that the infection protection measures cannot be complied with or even deliberately ignored. People are to be expected “who in everyday life tend to be negligent with the measures taken by the state to protect against infection or who knowingly ignore appropriate measures”.

That was also the case with the demonstration on August 1. Organizer Michael Ballweg did not announce that he intended to enforce a strict hygiene concept in the assembly. The ruling states that “all meetings on the same subject that are suitable for a greater number of participants are officially prohibited”. It is currently unclear to what extent the organizers consider a stream of registrations appropriate.

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