This is also discussed in the paddock in Belgium

Spa-Francorchamps (dpa) – Sebastian Vettel’s future after this season is one thing. The other: how does he expect to survive this year, which is already so rich in sporting disappointments and rainfall?

But there are other topics that float through the Formula 1 paddock during the Belgian Grand Prix in Spa-Francorchamps.

THE SEMI-FULL GLASS: Give up? In no case, even if there, where Sebastian Vettel has already won three times, the next disillusionment threatens. “There are always two approaches: you can get frustrated or you can get up and get it done. That’s what I’m here for,” said Vettel, “I’m always optimistic.” With only 16 points for the seventh race of the season, this is certainly a remarkable stance from the four-time world champion, who will have to leave Ferrari after this season and has not yet given specific information about the time after that.

DONATIONS FOR LA FIRE DEPARTMENT: Lance Stroll is doing well. Billionaire entrepreneur Lawrence Stroll’s son wants to donate US $ 1,800 (roughly € 1,522) to the Los Angeles Fire Department, which is committed to fighting the California wildfires for every point he makes in the race in Belgium . The amount will be added to an amount that the Racing Point driver has not disclosed. “I followed what was going on there and I wanted to use the stage I have and my voice to help myself and encourage others to help,” said Stroll, who also set up a donation fund.

THE FUTURE OF ICEMAN: Kimi Räikkönen will turn 41 in October. The Finn has driven more than 300 races. Won 21 of them, four times alone on the legendary course in the Ardennes. However, the chances of victory are long gone, for Raikkonen it’s all about participating. But how long? He was asked if he wanted to continue next year. Hasn’t he decided yet? Raikkonen replied silently, as usual. Isn’t it time to free up the seat for younger pilots like compatriot Mika Häkkinen at McLaren in 2001 before him? “I would doubt that he left only because of me,” Raikkonen countered.

THE OVERHEATING PROBLEM: You just want to race, attack, wheel to wheel – if the tires weren’t there. The problem that has been going on for years. There were once two manufacturers who went to extremes, superstar Lewis Hamilton said when Michelin and Bridgestone supplied the rubbers. Pirelli has been the sole manufacturer for years. “Nobody but us is pushing Pirelli,” emphasized Hamilton, for whom the current rubber generation is overheating too quickly. With “us” the six-time world champion meant the drivers themselves. “But we have to be careful not to annoy Pirelli.”

He says he even made a special trip to Paris when the new Formula 1 constitution was recently signed there, which will be valid from next year until the end of 2025. “I felt they were sympathetic to it,” said the 35-year-old Briton.

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