Private broadcaster ProSieben has achieved a journalistic first with a documentary about the right-wing scene in Germany. The network is celebrating the contribution – the AfD must explain itself.

Unknown subject at prime time: the documentary “Rechts. Deutsch. Radikal” was screened on Monday evening on the private broadcaster ProSieben. Journalist Thilo Mischke spent a year and a half researching the right-wing scene in Germany. The result: a two-hour special that garnered much approval for the private broadcaster online. However, the AfD provides the contribution that requires explanation.

In the program, Mischke provides a deep insight into the right-wing scene in the republic: attending right-wing rock concerts and Pegida demonstrations, speaking to neo-Nazis and dropouts, experts and politicians. The highlight of the show is the hidden camera footage in which Christian Lüth, former spokesman for the AfD parliamentary group in the Bundestag, expresses inhumanity about migrants. Read more about it here.

The documentary, which is unusual for a private broadcaster, also caused a furore on the Internet. Konstantin Kuhle, FDP domestic policy spokesman in the Bundestag, wrote on Twitter: “Thank you ProSieben for putting the important topic of right-wing extremism at the center of the social debate.”

SPD member of the Bundestag Hilde Mattheis also praised the contribution, calling it “another document that proves that none of us can say ‘I knew nothing about that.’ We all know about the danger of the AfD.”

“Impressive documentation – completely without ads”

The contribution was also well received by the TV audience. “I had expected something sensational, with advertising interspersed with a private broadcaster, and was positively surprised. Very factual, respectful, well-researched and absolutely impressive documentation. And without advertising at all! Hats off,” writes one Twitter user. Another writes: “I hope Thilo Mischke has thought for a long time.”
Still other users suggest the program as teaching material in schools.

The AfD, in particular, has a justification problem because of the documentation: the worse it is in Germany, the better it is for the AfD and migrants can be ‘shot’ or ‘gassed’ if necessary, said Christian Lüth, a senior AfD official. quoted in a memory log. His name is not mentioned in the program itself, but research by “Zeit” has clearly identified him. The AfD parliamentary group fired Lüth on Monday without notice.

Co-parliamentary group chairman Alexander Gauland then told the German news agency: “The statements attributed to Mr Lüth are completely unacceptable and in no way compatible with the goals and policies of the AfD and the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag. “

“They don’t want to improve your situation”

EU politician and former Justice Minister Katarina Barley tweeted: “I always say that when I meet a (potential) AfD voter: they don’t want to improve your situation. Because they only get votes from dissatisfied and angry. So the decision is taken: be angry or want to improve your own situation? “

Christian Hirte, CDU Member of the Bundestag, wrote: “# Lüth confirms the ethno-racist nature of # Höcke-AfD. This strengthens our clear demarcation of this party.”

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