A major update for Windows 10 is released twice a year. The first came in May and the second will follow in October. We show what users can expect.

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The Fall Update for Windows 10 is apparently about to release. As reported by golem.de, Microsoft has already published a final preview version. The new Windows 10 version with the addition of 20H2 to the name should arrive on the devices in October. An exact date is not yet known.

With such feature updates, Microsoft adds new features to Windows twice a year. Such an update only came out in May, which changed a number of things in Windows 10. More about this read here.

The feature update will be smaller in the fall than in the spring. Even then, Microsoft announced it would slow down a bit in the future, also because of the Corona crisis. Nevertheless, the October update should bring back some changes for Windows 10. We present the most important.

New start menu

One of the visible innovations is the changed start menu. The app tiles are displayed transparently in Windows 10 20H2. This should also improve the Windows 10 light and dark mode display. How to turn on dark mode we show in this photo show.

The new start menu before and after. (Source: Microsoft)

Alt + Tab gets a new function

With the shortcut Alt + tab In the future, users will also be able to switch browser tabs in Edge. Anyone who has previously pressed the key combination will see all open apps, but not the individual tabs in the browser. If you don’t want the new features, you can change the shortcut in the settings. You will find more useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10 here and here.

    (Source: Microsoft) (Source: Microsoft)

Improved settings

In the new version, users can copy information about their system in the settings and share it more easily. Information about your system can be found in the settings under “system” and then “info“.

In the future there will also be more information from the “Control Panel” in the “Settings”. Microsoft has been planning to remove Control Panel for some time now. More on this read here.

Further changes

The new version of Windows 10 automatically switches to tablet mode when a user disconnects the keyboard from their tablet. So far, the system asks if it should switch modes. And according to “Bleepingcomputer.de”, users can change the refresh rate of their monitor in the advanced display settings.

In addition, the Windows calculator must have a graphical display. This allows users to display equations in a coordinate system.

How do I get Windows updates earlier?

If you’d like to receive these and other updates sooner, you can sign up for the Windows Insider Program. How it works, read here.

Windows insiders have earlier access to future updates, but must also grant Microsoft comprehensive access to information about their system. For example, the diagnostic privacy settings should be set accordingly. And: test versions of Windows can be unstable. Errors can cause important data to be lost. If you want to install a pre-release version of Windows on your computer, you must back up your data beforehand.

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