During Donald Trump’s four-year rule, the United States’ relationship with the outside world has changed dramatically. In fact, the level of that changed relationship is now visible. The newly elected US president has so far not received congratulatory messages from Russia, China or even NATO ally Turkey, known as a key player in world politics. But what exactly has created such a situation?

Why the reluctance to congratulate powerful leaders like Vladimir Putin, Recep Tayyip Erdogan or Xi Jinping to the new President of the United States of America known as the pioneer of world politics? International media outlets such as BBC and CNN have tried to find answers to such questions.


In 2016, President Trump emphasized how he and Chinese President Xi Jinping have built a close relationship by eating chocolate cake. But soon this friendship broke up. In decades, Sino-American relations are at their worst.

Trump has not missed any opportunity to take over China in recent times. He alone attributed China to the coronovirus epidemic. The name of coronavirus is ‘China virus’. China has imposed trade sanctions one after the other.

The question is, will Joe Biden do something different? BBC State Department correspondent Barbara Platt Usher believes that there will be little change in competition with China and there will be strong opposition to China’s “unfair trade policy”. However, according to him, there may be some changes in ‘Melody and Strategy’.

Barbara Platt says that Mr. Trump has tried to create pressure on China alone, as well as trade profits. Joe Biden may want to involve allies in China’s opposition. Also, he may seek ways to cooperate with China in some areas.

The BBC’s John Sadworth in Beijing says the victory of Joe Biden is another challenge for Chinese leaders.

“Many Chinese analysts believe that the Chinese leadership may be slightly unhappy over Trump’s defeat,” he said. It’s not that they like Trump. But Chinese leaders believe that if he remains in power for four years, division within the US will increase. As a result, the United States will become more isolated internationally.

Sadworth says China may try to seize the opportunity that Joe Biden is talking about cooperation on big issues like climate change. But China sees Biden’s promise to form new alliances with allies around the world. Rather, Trump’s “let’s go it alone” policy was no less dangerous for Chinese leaders. And perhaps that’s why he has not yet sent a congratulatory message to Biden.


Like China, Russia has remained silent on Biden’s victory so far. The BBC’s Barbara Platt feels Biden’s victory will change Russian-American relations at the top leadership level. Although Donald Trump imposed several sanctions on Russia, he remained silent about Vladimir Putin. He has said more than once that he likes Putin. But Biden’s view of Putin will be very different.

Biden told CNN that he considered Russia an “anti-party”. He has vowed to strongly respond to allegations that Russia interfered in the election and paid the Taliban to target American troops in Afghanistan.

Barbara Platt said “Trump’s sanctions on Russia will continue.” At the same time, Biden will become clear on Russia’s policy. However, Biden favors negotiating with Moscow on the weapon Embargo. But how does Russia see Biden’s victory?

Steven Rosenberg of Moscow’s BBC quoted a Russian newspaper editorial in this regard. “Under Trump, US-Russian relations have come to a standstill,” it said. And Biden is like a dredger who will dig that ocean floor and take that relationship further. ‘

On the plus side, many Russian analysts say that Biden would be easy to understand. That is why it would be easy to compromise on issues like the disarmament agreement. Moscow may try to build working relations with the White House, leaving the Trump era behind. However, there is no guarantee of success.

Naturally, Moscow is not happy with Biden’s victory. Instead, the Russian media has described Biden as an elderly man. Russian media reports say that Putin has yet to congratulate the newly elected US president, noting that the counting of votes in the United States has not yet officially ended. As a result, the Kremlin is taking precautions for understandable reasons.


On July 15, 2016, Turkey’s failed military coup had an impact on Ankara’s relations with Washington. It is widely believed that the coup was carried out by the then Obama administration. And Joe Biden was Obama’s vice president. He visited Turkey a few days before the coup. In a recent interview with the New York Times in 2019, Joe Biden vowed to change the government in Turkey when he came to power. On the other hand, Biden praised Erdogan for the 2016 military coup.

Despite Turkey’s differences with the United States on several issues, Erdogan’s personal relationship with Trump benefited Ankara in some respects.

Washington was angered when Ankara bought S-400 defense equipment from Russia after failing to buy American air defense missiles. In this case, the US Senate recommended the imposition of economic and military sanctions against Turkey. But Trump blocked the president’s power.

The complexity of relations between the two countries is not limited to the threat of change of government or the risk of economic and military blockade. In contrast, there are strong differences between the two countries on the Syria issue. In an interview with the New York Times, Biden also hinted at supporting Kurdish rebels in Syria. And Turkey knows that if Kurdish rebels in southern Syria are able to create a separate state with the support of the United States, it will provoke Kurdish rebels inside Turkey.

Turkey has played a strong role in Libya, the Mediterranean and Azerbaijan over the years; Ankara is also concerned about how the Biden administration will consider it.

It is safe to say that Biden’s rule was not good for Ankara. But if the Biden administration imposes a terrible blockade on Turkey, there could be a strong belt between Ankara and Moscow. In that case, Washington would not want to completely push a long-time NATO ally towards Russia. But only time will tell what happens in the end. Sources: BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera.

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