This Microsoft tool can recover deleted data

Those who have accidentally deleted important files shouldn’t despair – tools can usually still be used to store data. Now Microsoft also offers such a program for Windows 10.

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Microsoft now offers an app that allows users to recover deleted data: Windows File Recovery. Users can download the program from the Windows Store.

Among other things, the tool can recover Word documents and image files after they have been removed from the trash. Windows File Recovery is more suitable for advanced users, however. So the program has no graphical user interface, commands are entered through the command line. On his website Microsoft provided instructions.

How the tool works

To recover data, users must issue the command on the command line winfr use. The input winfr C: E: / n Users Documents For example, recovers files from the documents folder from drive C: to drive E :. Instead of user name you must enter the name of the respective Windows account. In the German version of Windows, the folder “User” can also be called “User”. Check the respective folder for correct entries.

Windows File Recovery creates a folder on the destination drive where the recovered files are stored. You can interrupt the recovery process with the Ctrl + C key combination.

Back up important files regularly. Windows 10 can also make backups automatically upon request. How it works, read here.

Recovery should not wait

In principle, data is not permanently deleted, even after the recycle bin has been emptied. The memory is marked as “free” instead, Windows may overwrite it on the next occasion. For example, new files can already be created when the computer is used. Microsoft advises on its website, “If you want to increase your chances of recovering a file, minimize and avoid using your computer.”

So if you want to save deleted files, it is best to start the recovery process immediately after deletion. An exception: with certain programs, users can also delete “safe” files and thus completely delete them from the storage medium. Usually such files cannot be recovered.

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