This time a bronze statue of Melania was unveiled

A new bronze statue of US First Lady Melania Trump has been unveiled near her hometown in Slovenia. Unknown individuals set fire to a wooden sculpture on the site last year. Many think the sculpture is disrespectful to Melania and does not look exactly like the US First Lady. This information has been known from the British media BBC report.

The US First Lady was born and raised in Slovenia, the former Soviet Union country. The fashion model, who grew up in Sevenica, immigrated to the United States in 1997. She married real estate businessman Donald Trump in 2005. When Trump was elected US President in 2016, the city of Sevenica became a tourist attraction.

The nameplate of the newly formed sculpture is said to be dedicated to the sacred memory of his hometown Melania. The original statue was installed by American artist Brad Downey. It was established in 2019. However, it was set on fire on Independence Day in the United States on 4 July.

After the bronze sculpture was unveiled on Tuesday, its artist Marco Vivoda said, “We want to pay tribute to Melania by unveiling a new sculpture at the place where the sculpture was lit.”

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