This time Kuwait’s inquiry committee summoned Papul’s brother.

Laxmipur MP was arrested in Kuwait on charges of human and money laundering visa business. The country’s inquiry committee has decided to summon the brother of Shahid Islam alias Papul. The Kuwait Times quoted Kuwait’s popular Arabic daily Al-Rai as saying that Papul’s younger brother, Qazi Badrul, was summoned after receiving new information.

On 8 June, the Kuwaiti police arrested Papul on charges of human trafficking, visa fraud and money laundering. The interrogation revealed how he had made money by tricking people and helping influential Kuwaiti government officials for bribes, gifts and other occasions.

According to the Kuwait Times, others including Papul’s wife and her brother Badrul are also involved in human trafficking; He was summoned after receiving such indications.

Two Kuwaiti MPs, Sadaud Hamad and Salah Khurshid, arrested on charges of taking bribes from Papul, were granted bail on Saturday. Both have denied allegations of abuse of power. He claimed that he did not know Papul and had no contact with him. Both MPs told the court that Papul had named them to turn the tide of the case.

Even without these two, the release of Papul is not happening suddenly. He was sent to Central Jail till June 24 after a 21-day remand. Later, the restraining order was extended several times until 22 September.

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