This time the recruitment of volunteers for Oxford vaccine trials in India has been suspended

India has suspended recruitment of new volunteers for Phase II and Phase III trials of the invented coronovirus vaccine by the University of Oxford. Also, it has been instructed to increase the safety monitoring of volunteers already receiving the vaccine. VG Somani, the head of the country’s Drug Regulatory Authority, gave these instructions to the Seram Institute on Friday. The institute is responsible for overseeing the trial of the Oxford vaccine in India. This information came from the broadcast media NDTV report.

The British-Swedish firm AstraZeneca recently postponed testing for the final stages of the coronovirus vaccine at the University of Oxford. This decision was made after some complex side effects in the body of a female volunteer. The Serum Institute of India then suspended vaccine testing in India.

This time, the recruitment of new volunteers for testing has been suspended and the Serum Institute has been instructed by the Drug Control Authority of India to submit a full trial plan and report. Also, it has been instructed to seek the approval of the UK Safety Board and the Drug Control Authority of India before the trials can resume in India.

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