Thousands of motorcyclists demonstrate – and cause mega-congestion

Motorcyclists want to protest against possible driving ban with motorcycle corso through Germany. The action was actually forbidden. Now the cyclists are causing traffic chaos.

Despite the ban on a demonstration by motorcyclists in Munich, several thousand cyclists were on the road in the city. They rolled into groups across the Middle Ring, a police spokesman in Munich said. Traffic disruption is therefore already being caused. Police officers tried to influence the bikers.

Already in the morning, cycling groups had met 50 to 100 participants. They were on the road with honking concerts, cheers and loud music. “We are allowed to ride on the Middle Ring, no one can ban us,” said one of the bikers, who came from the Erding area.

Nation’s largest Korso in Munich

With the demonstration, motorcyclists all over Germany wanted to demonstrate against possible bans on motorcycles on Sundays and public holidays. The largest Korso in Germany had to take place on the Middle Ring in Munich. However, the district council had cancelled the event on Friday due to safety concerns.

Police said on Saturday morning that there were isolated motorcyclists. Under current law, they are allowed to ride motorbikes in Munich, according to a spokesman. However, the police are looking into the situation.

The organisers had cancelled the originally planned central rally on the Theresienwiese due to the many conditions.

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