Thousands of protesters are calling for refugees to be received

The fire in Moria increases pressure on politicians to dismantle the Greek slum. In Germany, thousands took to the streets on Wednesday – and received support from the CSU.

After the fire disaster in the Moria refugee camp on the Greek island of Lesbos, thousands of people in Germany demanded the admission of refugees from the burned camp on Wednesday evening. The largest demonstration took place in Berlin, where about 10,000 people took to the streets, according to the Seebrücke organization.

According to this, another 3,000 people argued in Cologne, 2,500 in Hamburg and 1,000 in Leipzig. The pier had called for spontaneous protests and rallies nationwide. The prisoners of Moria, who had lost their last roof over their heads, “must be received immediately,” demanded Julia Solbach from the pier. “A European solution is not in sight, that is, individual states must continue.”

CSU minister calls for “signs of humanity”

On Wednesday evening, several fires broke out in Greece’s largest refugee camp. The facility, which housed more than 12,000 people, was almost completely destroyed.

Development Cooperation Minister Gerd Müller, meanwhile, demanded that Germany accept 2,000 people from Moria to continue with a “sign of humanity.” “I personally believe that we should accept the offers from the German states,” the CSU politician said in the ARD Wednesday evening. So far, the federal government has avoided such a stance and only talked about Germany helping Greece.

Müller calls on other EU countries to join

Several federal states had specified specific numbers of migrants they were willing to accept and asked the responsible federal government to agree. However, the Federal Ministry of the Interior, led by Horst Seehofer (CSU), again rejected such attempts. It must approve federal state admissions programs and is pushing for European distribution.

Müller also called on other EU countries to declare themselves ready for admission. “Eight strong states can now solve this problem,” he said. “I urge France and other countries: we cannot wait for the latter, there is no unanimity here.” You cannot let people camp in the woods.

The minister was angry with the EU commission. “It was foreseeable that such a disaster would happen,” he said, referring to the overcrowding in the camp and the conditions there. But: “I don’t hear a signal from Brussels.” He recalled that the situation in the Greek islands was not the only problem. “The next disaster is imminent in the Balkans or in Lebanon, where the situation is dramatic,” said Müller.

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