Three people were killed in a terrorist attack in Nice. Investigators have now arrested three suspects.

After the knife attack in Nice, which left three dead, three men have now been taken into custody as possible accomplices. It was recently announced from French judicial circles that a 33-year-old was also being investigated, AFP news agency reports. He was staying in the apartment with another suspect. “We’re trying to clarify his role in the whole,” he said.

It was only announced on Saturday morning that a second man had been arrested. The 35-year-old is suspected of having been to the suspect the day before the attack, the AFP reports, referring to the judiciary. He was taken into custody in Nice on Friday evening. On Thursday, detectives took a 47-year-old man into custody, who also allegedly had contact with the attacker the night before the crime.

A Tunisian who entered illegally on Thursday killed three people in Nice with a knife, according to investigators; two victims were found in the Notre-Dame church in the city center. The attacker was shot several times by police and was seriously injured in a hospital. According to the information, he could not be interrogated until Friday evening. He had only entered France from Italy shortly before the crime.

Highest terror alert level declared

France declared the highest level of terror warning after the attack. The French government announced on Friday to strengthen the protection of schools and places of worship.

According to local justice, the perpetrator in Tunisia has a previous conviction for violent and drug offenses, but was apparently not known to the police as a radical Muslim. According to his family, he had become increasingly isolated and religious over the past two years.

The Tunisian authorities are now investigating the suspect. Under the country’s law, any Tunisian involved in acts of terrorism, at home or abroad, will be prosecuted, a Tunisian judiciary said. The aim is to determine whether the perpetrator may have had accomplices in Tunisia.

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