Hamilton, Vettel and a young Schumacher – fans from all over Germany are looking forward to the return of Formula 1. Many want to be there live, but some don’t come to the site despite having tickets.

Formula 1 will start at the Nürburgring at the weekend – for the first time in seven years. The fans are not only enthusiastic about the fact that another Formula 1 race is taking place in Germany, but up to 20,000 spectators can also attend the “Eifel Grand Prix”. This is sometimes more than twice the amount currently allowed for football stadiums.

Record in Corona times

The organizers wrote in a press release that the first 5,000 tickets were already sold out after two hours. But the entire contingent will not run out over the weekend. “Yesterday there were signs that we are going to sell 15,000 tickets,” said Chillreport’s Nürburgring spokesperson. Nevertheless, a record in Corona times: the maximum number of fans in the Eifel was 10,000 so far.

Photo series with 20 photos

Anyone wishing to attend the race must be prepared for a strict hygiene concept. Each visitor is assigned a parking space and a path to the grandstand. You must wear a mask up to the site. A maximum of three spectators are allowed to sit next to each other and the tickets are personalized so that contacts can be tracked.

Director promises money back

However, with the personalized tickets, the organizers also check whether people come from a risk area. It is therefore not yet certain whether all fans who have bought a ticket will actually be allowed on the site. “We must reject people who come from risk areas. That now also applies to people from Berlin,” said the spokesman.

Only those who can show a negative corona test are allowed on the track. However, Nürburgring director Mirco Markfort assured: “In an emergency, every cardholder gets their money back! No discussion. We live in a time when you need to create trust and security. Here the fans can rely on us.”

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