Pakistan has taken a similar step after India banned TikTok, the Chinese video app for security and information theft. However, close allies like India and China, not on security issues like India, announced a ban on tick-talk for unethical content on Friday. According to a report by the British news agency Reuters.

Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has said that it has decided to ban the video-sharing app in view of allegations that it contains unethical and pornographic content.

The PTA further stated that the decision on the ban would be reviewed if Ticketcock could satisfy the illegal content verification mechanism.

Pakistani authorities claim that even after giving a final warning, the obscene post on the ticket has not stopped. Therefore, the government has directed Pakistan’s telecom to take necessary steps in this regard.

Tic Tac Toe says they respect law enforcement in places where their app is active. We are in regular contact with the PTA and will continue to work. We hope to arrive at a decision that will enable us to serve the country’s creative online community.

Objections to stick in Pakistan started from July. At the time, the PTA warned that unethical posts were being shared in the app. It was also told that the tick would be banned if the objectionable post was not closed.

Earlier, Pakistan banned live streaming app ‘Bigo’. There was also a question of inconsistency.

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