The country’s online shopping festival has been extended for the next 10 days to encourage a huge response from shoppers and encourage shoppers to shop for Durga Puja online. This online shopping fair will run till October 30.

A joint venture of 14 leading e-commerce organizations of the country is organizing ’10 -10 National Online Shopping Festival ‘, with the slogan’ Let the country live in the money ‘. According to the organizers, over 10,000 shoppers are ordering products online every day on e-commerce sites participating in the festival.
Domestic e-commerce companies are offering a variety of offers to their online customers. These include bKash, free delivery nationwide, over 50% discount vouchers, a free purchase, 10% instant cashback on payments made through a daily flash sale. In addition, participating organizations are programming live video at specific times each day and offering customers various gifts and attractive offers.
All the information of the ’10 -10′ campaign can be seen on the website and Facebook page-

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