Toni Kroos played for FC Bayern until 2014. The international wanted to stay there. But the contract negotiations failed. Now Kroos has revealed details about it.

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“It was like a confrontation on the phone,” said Tonis Kroos adviser Volker Struth about the contract negotiations with FC Bayern Munich that failed in Toni and Felix Kroos’ podcast “Einfach mal Luppen” in 2014. There, Struth spoke about the consultancy business, Kroos’ switch from FC Bayern to Real Madrid in 2014 and mega transfers such as the 222 million euro deal from Neymar.

“Mr. Hoeneß then came up to me and said that my advisor asked for a cheek and that I should whistle him back,” said Toni Kroos about the contract talks with FC Bayern. ‘I said to him: that can be your opinion. But that is what we demand and not my advisor. ‘

Struth makes it clear, however, that the then salary was not too high. “That wouldn’t have got you (Toni Kroo’s comment from the editor) into the top five of this club at the time,” said Struth, adding, “From our standpoint, this was a market-oriented offering.”

“Very emotional on the phone”

The then sports director, Matthias Sammer, declined to accept the salary claim: “We have a great relationship with him. But it got very emotional on the phone when we suggested what we were going to do after the World Cup,” said Struth. Kroos eventually moved for 25 million euros from Madrid to the “Royal”.

Adviser Struth also criticizes that some of his colleagues do not demand what the players want and that a distinction must be made between reputable and dubious agents.

“He doesn’t take money from anyone”

Mega transfers such as that of the Brazilian Neymar in 2017 for 222 million euros from FC Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain – also because of the consequences of the Corona crisis – are not expected “in the coming years”. Neymar was an “exceptional transfer”.

He does not think the sum is objectionable. One has to consider who funded it. “It was paid for by an investor from a club who said, ‘I have so much money in my account, I like seeing Neymar walking around down there,’” says Struth. “He doesn’t take money from anyone.”

With his company “Sports Total”, Struth is one of the heavyweights in the consultancy scene. In addition to Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos and his brother Felix from Eintracht Braunschweig, his clients include national players Marco Reus, Niklas Süle and Luca Waldschmidt and coach Julian Nagelsmann.

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