Toni Leistner goes for a dynamo fan – packed by the collar

HSV had a bitter start to the season with a 4-1 win over Dresden. The frustration of HSV player Toni Leistner about the defeat apparently came out after the game. He went after a fan.

Curious scene in Dresden. After HSV’s 1: 4 bankruptcy at Dynamo Dresden, there was apparently a dispute in the stands between a fan of the third division and HSV player Toni Leistner.

Fans separate Leistner and fan

A video from the HSV blog “Rautenperle – Nur der HSV” on Twitter shows how the number 37 of the red pants, apparently after the cup match, on a dynamo fan with a red T-shirt and go.

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Leistner grabs the fan by its top, bystanders prevent the 30-year-old from further grabbing and separate the fighters. Which words fell between the two cannot be heard in the video.

Leistner: “I will not be offended by my family”

To someone else Video from the TV station “Sky” you can see how Leistner climbs the stands for the interview with Sky reporter Jurek Rohrberg. This scene must have happened just before the center-back went crazy.

Then Leistner returns to the interview with the reporter. When asked about the incident, he said, “I’m not going to let my family offend.” A short while later, Leistner interrupts the interview and leaves.

Leistner: “Fuses blown”

In the evening, Leistner responded to the incident via Instagram and apologized for the action. He was massively insulted from the stands in his hometown after the game, he wrote. He can usually deal with that: “But then it went extremely and massively below the belt against my family, my wife and my daughter. At that point the fuses had blown, especially since this was an extremely emotional game for me anyway.”

Such a thing should “never happen to him”. He is a family man who wants to serve as a role model. “I apologize in all forms for my behavior and can only promise that – no matter what insults are thrown at me – nothing like this will ever happen again,” wrote Leistner.

In the evening the HSV came under the wheels of third division Dynamo Dresden with 1: 4 and was eliminated in the first round of the DFB Cup. Leistner played 90 minutes and saw a yellow card in the 76th minute.

“Toni Leistner’s heart is in the right place and is always welcome in Dresden,” said Dynamo spokesman Henry Buschmann on Monday evening after the game. “Emotions are part of football.”

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