Attorney General William Burr is leaving the company of US President Donald Trump. He is scheduled to resign before Christmas. Trump himself confirmed this in a post on Twitter on Tuesday.

Trump tweeted, “I had a wonderful meeting with William Barr at the White House.” We have a very good relationship and have done a great job. He is taking a holiday before Christmas to spend holidays with his family. ‘

Trump has said Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen will replace Attorney General Barr. The new Deputy Attorney General will be Richard Donogh.

There has been a kind of “cold war” between President Trump and William Burr for quite some time. Trump was angered by the Attorney General’s remarks about the election and was about to fire him. But in the end, the top law officer decided to resign on his own.

In the wake of Trump’s fraud allegations in the recent US presidential election, William Barr said there was no fraud in the election to change the outcome. No evidence was found to support the president’s allegations. In his words, “So far we have not seen any evidence of fraud that could change the outcome of the election.” Source: CNN

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