Pentagon’s top policy officer James Anderson has resigned. According to CNN’s website, Anderson resigned on Tuesday, citing two top defense officials.

CNN says it is not immediately clear whether Anderson himself resigned or was asked to resign.

Anderson resigned after President Donald Trump removed Mark Esper from the post of Secretary of Defense. On the same day, Richard Pillar, the country’s top election criminal lawyer for the judiciary, also resigned. Attorney General William Barr resigned in protest after ordering an investigation into alleged vote fraud in the presidential election.

Anderson served as acting secretary of the Department of Defense’s policy. He held this position in place of John Rodd. John Rodd was fired by Trump last February. He was fired for disagreeing with Trump on various issues.

Anderson has been at the Pentagon since 2016. He started as assistant secretary of the strategy department. He later became Deputy Under Secretary of Policy Department. When Rod was fired, the responsibility fell on Anderson.

Trump announced the dismissal of Asper in a tweet last Monday. Christopher Miller, the head of the National Counter-Defense Center, immediately took over as defense minister.

In recent times, differences between Trump and Asper have become apparent. It is believed that Aspara was fired because of the dispute. Democrats strongly criticized the decision to shoot him. Prior to that, James Mattis was the Secretary of Defense. He resigned in 2016 due to disputes over various issues including Syria.

Trump has fired several key executives and advisers during his four-year term. Many people in his administration have resigned or been forced to resign.

In the US presidential election, Trump lost to his Democratic rival, Joe Biden. However, he has so far refused to give up. With this, the situation is expected to become more cloudy in the coming days.

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