Berlin (dpa) – RB Leipzig goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi can do without hymns and constant top values ​​in game statistics.

“For me, the most important thing I do is on the field, and I don’t need to hide in a European comparison,” said the 30-year-old Hungarian professional footballer in a “Mirror online” interview.

Nevertheless, the Bundesliga goalkeeper from Saxony feels undervalued in public perception given the match data. “Yes, that’s certainly often the case. It’s always difficult to compare goalkeepers. Especially as the teams have different playing styles,” said the Hungarian international, adding: “Almost all statistics show that I am right about my actions. For me the games to zero are the most important, although it is very team dependent and old-fashioned. Everything else comes after. “

The old saying that goalkeepers should be a little crazy no longer applies, according to Gulacsi. “The best goalkeepers in the world today are very intelligent and reserved people,” said the Hungarian, who “improved a lot on the ball” under RB coach Julian Nagelsmann and goalkeeper coach Frederik Gößling.

In the last ten or fifteen years, football “has become much faster and more physical. Goalkeepers now need to be able to play, function as development players to get a superior player. But this also increases the risk,” stressed the Leipzig goalkeeper. “You need a clear head for that.”

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