Marseille (AP) – The Arkéa-Samsic cycling team’s team manager has assured his riders’ support after the investigation into suspected doping, but has announced immediate consequences in the event of illegal practices.

“Of course we support our drivers, but if the investigation actually confirmed doping practices, the team would immediately distance themselves from such acts and take the necessary measures without waiting,” said Emmanuel Hubert in a message from the French racing team.

In this case, relationships that the team would associate with “unacceptable and combative methods,” said Hubert. He confirmed a search during the Tour de France in the team hotel last Wednesday. This had consequences for “a very small number of drivers” and their immediate environment. Hubert did not mention the names of drivers.

Previously, French media reported that during a search near the winter sports resort of Méribel in the French Alps, numerous health products had been found, including medicines and, in this regard, doping certificates. The French news agency AFP reported that two people had been taken into police custody. The public prosecutor’s office has instituted preliminary investigations. During preliminary investigation, it is checked whether there is anything about the allegations.

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