A van collides with a tractor trailer on the A1 from behind and is crushed. Emergency services retrieve five dead from the wreckage. The van had probably hit the slow-moving truck without braking.

A serious traffic accident took place on Autobahn 1 in the Oldenburg district, resulting in five deaths. A haulier driving in the direction of Osnabrück between Wildeshausen-Nord and Wildeshausen-West rode on a tractor-trailer on Wednesday evening and stepped under the truck, a spokesman for the Lower Saxon police said Wednesday morning. Five occupants of the transporter with Polish number plates were killed.

There were no skid marks, a spokesman for the Wildeshausen fire department said. Presumably the van entered the truck without braking. The trailer truck drove slowly due to the backlog at a construction site with a narrow lane.

According to the fire department, the bus was completely deformed by the force of the collision. Initially, only two people were seen in the vehicle and the three other occupants were only discovered when the fire brigade broke the doors. It was difficult to free the victims from the wreckage. In all cases, the emergency doctor could only determine death. The truck driver did not require medical attention after the initial examination.

A1 towards Osnabrück initially closed

Initially, the police could not provide further information about the identity of the victims of an accident. The A1 was blocked towards Osnabrück. The spokesman for the fire service spoke of a recording of a serious accident. According to police, the lockdown will likely continue until 5:30 a.m.

According to the fire service, there are more serious accidents on the A1. Wildeshausen is located about halfway between Cloppenburg and Bremen and is about 40 kilometers from the Hanseatic city.

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