Trump accepted the Republican nomination

US President Donald Trump has accepted the nomination as the presidential candidate of the Republican Party in the November election. Trump was officially named as the presidential candidate on the first day of the Republican Convention. Trump formally accepted the nomination in his last speech at the convention on Thursday. The British media BBC reported this.

Standing on the White House lawn as the first president, Trump gave a speech on party politics. In his speech, Trump in his usual manner launched a series of attacks against rival candidate Joe Biden. He says that if Biden wins, the United States will lose its glory. Anarchy will arise in the country. The economy will collapse. Trump claims that the United States has never seen an enemy like Biden and his allies.

Standing on a huge stage on the lawn of the White House, Trump said he was optimistic about being re-elected. If he returns to power, he will take the United States to a historic level. The American economy will reach its peak. Trump said that the coronovirus vaccine would hit the market later or earlier this year.

Although he has repeatedly made fun of the anti-apartheid movement, Trump has said in his speech that he will ensure that Afro-Americans do not face any difficulties.

Earlier, Mike Pence spoke on the third day of the Republican convention, accepting the nomination for a second term as vice president. Despite protests in various parts of the country over allegations of police brutality and racism, Pence spoke in favor of maintaining law and order. He promised to maintain law and order on the highways for all the people of the country.

Pence said that if Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden came to power, the country would run into the abyss and as a revolutionary socialist he would push America toward socialism and collapse. We will not let this happen.

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