If he loses the presidential election, Trump may face sudden legal action in many criminal and civil cases. Trump has avoided testifying against him as an executive under the presidency. But if Joe Biden becomes president, this opportunity will not exist. The Trump Organization is already at the center of a criminal case. Trump himself is involved in a tax case. The British tabloid Mirror quoted a White House source as saying that one of the reasons Trump cited the allegations of vote theft was fear of going to jail.

Former US federal prosecutor Harry Sandic said it would be easier for prosecutors and witnesses to continue the case after Trump left the White House. For example, he demanded higher protection from appearing in court in criminal cases. The same was true of appearing in Congress. The main reason was that he was the President.

In September last year, the president’s attorney tried to withdraw an order in the Manhattan attorney’s office. Hearings about Trump’s eight-year tax payment are ongoing.

New York lawyers are trying to find out if the Trump Organization forged documents to pay Playboy model Karen McDougall and pornstar Stormy Daniels.

An investigation is underway against the Trump Organization in Manhattan. Former reality show star Trump will also face sexual harassment charges against several other women. The charges he has been denying. The author of them e. Gene Carroll. He alleged that Trump raped her in the trial room of the Bergdorff Goodman department store in Manhattan in the mid-1990s. Trump said of this allegation, he is not of my type.

The case of another trainee named Samar Jarvos is also awaiting trial. He complained before the 2016 election that he was sexually harassed by Trump in 2008. Trump has dismissed the allegations as hypothetical.

But the biggest serious and immediate threat could be a criminal case against the Trump Organization. This is the time when Trump is in charge of the case. Trump has refused to provide commercial transactions and tax documents to prosecutors. In at least five cases, the court said, the request was valid.

In addition to the criminal case, the New York Attorney General intends to launch a civil law investigation against the Trump Organization. They will investigate whether the company has taken advantage of debt or tax waiver by lowering or increasing the property price. The investigation includes Trump’s numerous golf courses, hotels and towers.

The US Internal Revenue Service is also not stable. According to a New York Times report, tax investigators are investigating Trump’s claim to return 55.5 British pounds.

Three years ago, attorney generals in Washington DC and Maryland filed a lawsuit against Trump, accusing him of earning millions of dollars by taking advantage of corruption by putting himself as president over American citizens.

Trump has avoided giving evidence in many civil cases. Carroll refused to provide a DNA sample in the rape case.

The US Special Council’s Office on Thursday launched a new investigation. It is investigating whether Trump’s campaign camp violated the law by using the White House. Bill Pascale, a member of the House of Representatives, called for an investigation. The country’s hatch laws are illegal to use in the promotion of central resources. But the Republican Party has hosted several events in the White House, including an election conference.

But it’s not just law enforcement that is taking action against Trump, his niece, Mary Trump, is also suing him for fraud.

Some legal experts speculate that if Trump loses, Joe Biden will use the last days to free himself from any federal crime before taking the presidential oath on January 20. If he can do so, the decision to continue these matters will depend on Biden’s administration.

In 2017, Robert Muller’s testimony, a former special counsel in Congress, could also lead to Trump’s defeat. If the President quits, a case can be registered against him.

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