The lengthy US election campaign ended in sharp attacks: Trump renewed his attacks on postal votes with a bleak warning. Biden hopes for help from stars.

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Until shortly before the opening of polling stations in the US, President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden attacked each other with hard connections. Trump described Biden as a “corrupt politician” who would plunge the economy into a “deep depression.”

Biden accused Trump of not containing the pandemic completely. Trump divides the nation and “plays Americans against each other,” Biden said Monday (local time). Trump, according to Biden, is the “most corrupt” and “most racist” US president in history. Both candidates stated that the vote was a lottery choice and were confident in the victory.

Nearly 100 million voters by mail

US citizens were called on Tuesday to redefine the president, the 435 members of the House of Representatives and about a third of the 100 seats in the Senate. There were also local voices in many states. The first results were not to be expected for Wednesday morning, Central European Time.

Even before election day, nearly 100 million US citizens had voted by letter or in pre-opened polling stations, as reported by the US Elections Project. This corresponded to about 70 percent of the votes cast in the 2016 presidential election.

Subject corona crisis campaign

Trump (74) is running for a second and constitutionally final term, former Vice President Biden (77) wants to replace him. One of the main topics in the candidates’ campaign on Monday was how to deal with the corona pandemic. Trump accused Biden of trying to turn the US into a “prison state” with new corona demands. “A vote for Biden is a vote for lockdowns, layoffs and misery,” Trump told supporters in the state of Michigan.

Biden has not announced any new lockdowns, but has pledged to listen to scientists if he wins elections in the fight against the pandemic. “If I’m elected president, we’ll get Covid under control,” Biden promised supporters in the state of Pennsylvania. “It’s time for Donald Trump to pack his bags and go home,” said Biden.

Trump daily claims that the US has almost survived the corona pandemic and that it is time to relax all demands so that the economy can fully recover. The number of new infections has recently risen sharply again, on average to approximately 80,000 per day. According to data from the University of Johns Hopkins, there are about 9.3 million confirmed infections in the United States, a country of about 330 million people. More than 231,000 people have died from infection – more than in any other country in the world.

Trump lags behind in ‘swing states’

In the closing days of the election campaign, both candidates focused on “swing states” such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida, where it is unclear whether traditionally the Republican or the Democratic candidate will win. Trump is behind Biden in polls nationally as well as in various swing states. However, his re-election is not out of the question, mainly because the electoral system ensures that the candidate with the most votes can also lose.

US: Trump backs Biden in polls nationally as well as in various swing states. (Source: Agencia EFE / image images)

Before the election, Trump did not promise to accept the result. Due to the expected number of votes per letter, it is unclear whether there will be a result on election night.

Trump spreads fake news about postal voting

At the end of the election campaign, Trump again claimed that the surge in postal votes could lead to electoral fraud. Trump has not provided solid evidence for this. He describes a Supreme Court decision on postal voting times in Pennsylvania as “very dangerous.”

The decision to have postal voting documents counted three days after the election will lead to “rampant and uncontrolled fraud,” Trump wrote on Twitter. “It will lead to street violence. Something has to be done,” he continued. Twitter immediately hid the message behind a warning and limited the ability to distribute the tweet.

During a performance in Wisconsin, Trump repeated his warning. Some of the population will be “very angry,” referring to Pennsylvania. Trump has repeatedly called for the winner to be clearly announced on election night. His demand – for which there is no legal basis – sparked fears that Trump would prematurely declare himself the winner.

USA: Barrack Obama also supports Joe Biden. (Source: Image Images / UPI Photo)USA: Barrack Obama also supports Joe Biden. (Source: UPI Photo / Image Images)

Because of the pandemic, many more people in the United States have voted by letter. Counting those votes is more complicated than that of the regular votes from the polling stations. Those responsible in Pennsylvania, for example, have therefore warned that the count could drag on until Friday. Trump has indicated that he can defend himself against postponement in court. Polls suggested that the votes cast in polling stations would tend to be in favor of Trump and postal votes in favor of Biden.

Biden relies on pop stars

Biden’s campaign continued to attract pop stars towards the end of the election campaign: Biden’s runner-up Kamala Harris performed in Pennsylvania with singer John Legend, Biden with singer Lady Gaga. World star BeyoncĂ© promoted the Democrats on Instagram. In a post to her 155 million followers, the R&B singer came out wearing a face mask with the inscription “Biden – Harris”.

The US president is not directly elected. The election winner in a state wins the votes of the electorate there. They then elect the president in December. To win the election, a candidate needs a minimum of 270 votes. For example, in disputed Pennsylvania, there are 20 voters. The results are also eagerly awaited from Florida, where 29 votes are at stake and polls suggest a very close result. In all, there are about a dozen states where elections must ultimately be decided.

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