The US election count is in full swing. The first results show a head-to-head race. In this situation, Joe Biden is giving a speech to the nation – and Donald Trump is responding on Twitter.

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“We think we are on track to win this election,” Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told his cheering supporters in Wilmington, Delaware. It is the middle of election night in the US, most polling stations are already closed and the counting of the votes results in new water level reports every hour.

Biden emphasizes that the elections are not over until “every vote is counted”. “We knew it would take a long time, but we feel good where we are now,” said the 77-year-old. The address is detailed here. Joe Biden addressed the audience in a speech to Donald Trump.

“They try to steal the choice”

Donald Trump promptly responds on Twitter. The incumbent US president wrote on the briefing service: “We are way ahead, but they are trying to steal the election.” An immediate response to his Democratic challenger’s speech and a suspicion of electoral fraud that Trump had cited multiple times in the past without evidence. A few minutes later he announced that he would be speaking in a “statement”.

Twitter has already responded to Trump’s statement with a warning. “Some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and potentially misleading regarding participation in an election or other citizen process,” read the Twitter warning – also in German.

Seven tweets in 20 minutes: Joe Biden and Donald Trump duel on Twitter. (Source: Screenshot / Twitter)

Joe Biden then referred directly to Donald Trump and tweeted, “It is not in my hands or Donald Trump’s to determine an election winner. It is in the hands of the voters.”

In total, the two opponents in the US election sent seven tweets in just 20 minutes and fought a long-distance duel. Joe Biden tentatively concludes his latest tweet, saying, “We think we are on track to win this election.” All the latest developments in voting in the United States you can find it here – in our news blog we will keep you informed of the current state of affairs.

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