US President Donald Trump has officially announced the name of Amy Connie Barrett for the position of Supreme Court Judge in the United States. This was confirmed by the US media on Friday. According to a report in Qatar-based Al Jazeera on Saturday, following Saturday’s official announcement, Berrett is set to replace Ruth Beder Zinsburg, one of the country’s late judges and pioneers of the women’s rights movement.

Trump is set to appoint Barrett as a judge on Friday, following the recent death of Ruth Beder, according to several CBS sources. However, Trump declined to comment on that evening’s appointment. “You’ll find out tomorrow (Saturday),” he said. They are all good people. Any one of them will be a judge.

Speaking at a ceremony at the White House Road Garden on Saturday, Donald Trump said, “Today, I am honored to nominate one of the country’s most talented and most talented jurists to the Supreme Court.” She is a woman of unparalleled achievement, great intelligence, pure credibility and a neutral observance of the (US) Constitution – Judge Amy Connie Barrett. The 48-year-old judge was present at the ceremony along with her husband and seven children. Earlier, in 2016, he was appointed by Donald Trump to a federal appeals bench.

The president thanked Republican senators for announcing Barrett’s name at a Senate hearing on Saturday, as well as announcing his appointment to the Supreme Court ahead of the November 3 presidential election. However, Democrats claim that winners should be appointed after the election.

Republicans currently hold a 53–46 majority in the US Senate. Of those, only two Republican senators voted against the appointment of a judge before the election. As a result, there should not be too many obstacles before those in power to ensure the appointment of Amy Connie Barrett before November 3. After his appointment, the Conservative majority will reach 6-3 among the nine judges of the Supreme Court.

The Associated Press reports that Barrett’s appointment to the Senate Judiciary Committee may begin hearing on October 12.

Nine judges of the United States Supreme Court have been sentenced to death. Their rule plays a major role in shaping the country’s government policy. Barrett, 46, will be the third judge to be appointed by President Trump if his appointment is confirmed. He previously hired Neil Gorsuch in 2016 and Brett Kavanagh in 2016.

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