Trump arrives in Kenosha after riots

Despite being unloaded, US President Trump traveled to Kenosha. There were violent protests in the city after a police officer seriously injured a black man. Now Trump wants to investigate the damage on the spot.

US President Donald Trump has arrived on a controversial visit to the city of Kenosha, where protests, some of which were violent, erupted after police gunshots on a black man. After landing at a nearby airport on Tuesday, his motorcade took off for the city, Wisconsin.

Trump was advised not to visit

Kenosha has become a focal point of protests against racism and police brutality. Trump supporters and opponents alike gathered along the road holding up “Black Lives Matter” signs. Police officers in protective gear kept the train of presidents running free. Initially there were no failures. The Republican came to look at the damage caused by the riots.

The Wisconsin governor and the mayor of Kenosha had advised Trump against the visit because they feared an increase in tension. A meeting between Trump and the family of African American Jacob Blake, who was seriously injured by police shootings in Kenosha, was not planned.

Two people shot dead on the sidelines of the protests

A white police officer injured 29-year-old Blake seven times in the back on August 23 in front of his three young children. The renewed case of police brutality against African Americans sparked outrage and protests. Last week, two people were shot on the sidelines of protests and a 17-year-old white man was arrested as a suspect.

Kenosha is an example of the tensions in the country that shaped Trump’s rule. Critics accuse Trump of deliberately stirring up tension in order to be able to stage himself in the election campaign as a guarantor of order and authority.

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